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Video Report: Hospitality and leisure industry debates Scottish independence

Over 100 hospitality sector professionals gathered in Glasgow last week to debate the key issues in the Scottish independence debate and how they impact upon the industry.

The event, organised by a partnership of the Institute of Hospitality, the British Hospitality Association, Tods Murray Solicitors and the Scottish Tourism Alliance, was held at the Glasgow Caledonian University and featured a panel of seven speakers:

At the event, a snapshot was taken of attendees on their voting intentions. The outcome was favourable towards the Better Together campaign. Commenting on the voting outcome, Katie Corrigan, Head of Hospitality and Tods Murray trainees and partners.Leisure at Tods Murray Solicitors and event panel member, said:

“From the vote at the event there is clearly a tendency towards a ‘no’ vote, however this was very much a snapshot and the discussion has provided much for all to think about. Whatever the outcome on 18th September, one thing that is clear is the sector will do what it does best and move ahead with energy and enthusiasm, characteristics which makes it the envy of the world.”

Tods Murray’s Hospitality & Leisure team is dedicated and committed to providing support and value to Scotland’s H&L industry. Follow the links below to view our resources:

Tods Murray has a long-standing policy of strict political neutrality and at no time will we advise staff, clients or the public on how they should vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

We do not shy away from the issues which affect our clients. Therefore we have engaged with the debate on a professional and objective level where we believe our knowledge and experience adds clarity and awareness to the discussions.


One thought on “Video Report: Hospitality and leisure industry debates Scottish independence

  1. This is a superb overview of the event. Thank you for providing concise comments from important industry leaders who provide their opinions about the impact of Scottish independence. A ‘must-view’ for anyone involved in hospitality and tourism, both north and south of the border as well as anyone concerned with overseas tourism in the region.

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