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Hospitality and Leisure Forum. The Winning Years – Presentation by Dr Mike Cantlay, Chair, VisitScotland.

“The Winning Years” is how VisitScotland have labelled the tourism events which culminate in The Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and Year of Homecoming in 2014. We’re told they present “a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the face of Scottish tourism”.

However, what exactly should organisations be doing to prepare themselves for 2014? What are the steps to take to ensure we get the most from the opportunities the year presents? Indeed, what are the opportunities available to the hospitality and leisure sector?

Our recent Tods Murray Hospitality & Leisure Forum had three key speakers to provide some of the answers to these important questions.

This video is the presentation by Dr Mike Cantlay, Chair, VisitScotland

The other presentations on the day can be viewed here:

About the Hospitality & Leisure Forum

As the leading legal services provider to the hospitality and leisure sector, Tods Murray’s H&L Forum was formed to bring together leaders in the field for genuine strategic discussion, practical guidance and meaningful networking.

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